TRF Fun-Day enjoyed by many

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The Rooted Forum (TRF) have successfully held the annual community Fun-Day at the Tarling East Community Centre, Shadwell on Monday 27th July 2015. The day of fostering harmony and recreational fulfilment provisions was appreciated by local Tower Hamlets residents and neighbours from all walks of life who attended.


The Rooted Forum (TRF) Fun-Days are focal daylong large-scale events led by local young people for all sections of the community to enjoy together; the Fun-Day engages young people directly with local residents to build community relations. Our community Fun-Day have been run year on year since 2010 with the 2015 Fun-Day attracting over 300 people in attendance sharing conversations, food and engaging together within numerous family friendly activities with one another. This year’s 2015 TRF Fun-Day comprised of complimentary BBQ food, stalls and games- despite the occasional cold weather with sunny spells, the event was met with a positive reception from the local community whose mood was not dampened; residents were thoroughly entertained and engaged.


Francine Davies, a local Wapping resident and mother was amongst the attendants with her 7 year old daughter and summerised her thoughts of the day, “I am very much impressed with the activities on offer, during the summer it’s good that there are lots of games available and many children for my girl to play with. As for me, it gives me a chance to relax in a shared space with some food and company. Thanks to everyone again.”


The 2015 TRF Fun-Day featured in addition to BBQ and stalls- a gladiator ring, bungee run, pool table, bouncy castle, henna, refreshment, face painting, competitions, prizes and more warmly welcoming all residents of Tower Hamlets to attend and share. Emphasis this year by the organisers was placed on intergenerational work as old and young neighbours were brought together providing an atmosphere for mutual respect and tolerance towards people of all ages. Several guests whom graced us with their presence included the Fun-Day sponsors Paige Murphy and the team from the East End Community Foundation (EECF) and St George City Ltd that held the raffle competition and prize giving and Andy Coleborn of Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH) who shared his thoughts and engaged with several attendees present.


The Rooted Forum (TRF) on an annual basis plan, invite and host the family friendly Fun-Day to foster cohesion and harmony bringing together all neighbours, local residents, service users, stakeholders and partners; the event acts as a means to bond the community closer and breaking down barriers with cross-representation and attendance of people of varied ages, genders, races, religions, etc. all partaking to create a mutually coherent and tolerant atmosphere that benefits everyone.