TRF Community Fun-Day

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The Rooted Forum (TRF) Fun-Day is a focal daylong large-scale event led by local young people for all sections of the community to enjoy together; the Fun-Day engages young people directly with local residents to build community relations. Our community Fun-Day for all has been run year on year since 2010 with the 2014 Fun-Day attracted 400 people to attend and share conversations, food and to engage in numerous family friendly activities with one another. The Rooted Forum (TRF) on an annual basis plan, invite and host the Fun-Day to fosters cohesion and harmony bringing together all neighbours, local residents, service users, stakeholders, partners, etc. acting as a means to bond the community closer and breaking down barriers with cross-representation and attendance of people of varied ages, genders, races, religions, etc. all partaking to create a mutually coherent and tolerant atmosphere that benefits everyone.


This year’s 2015 TRF Fun-Day will be held at the Tarling East Community Centre from 12pm on Monday 27th July 2015 and will feature a BBQ, gladiator ring, bungee run, pool table, refreshment, face painting, competitions and prizes and more- we warmly welcome and invite all residents of Tower Hamlets to attend and share.


  • Open to all residents in Tower Hamlets
  • TRF Fun-Day will be held on Monday 27th July 2015 from 12pm onwards at the Tarling East Community Centre, 63 Martha Street, E1 2PA
  • For further details contact The Rooted Forum: 0207 423 9146 /