Shadwell Youth Club: Summer Programme

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The Rooted Forum (TRF) will be running the Shadwell Youth Club’s Summer Programme during July- August 2015; the summer provision are a 5 week recreational and educational programme that has been designed by young people with its core aim to provide guidance, give direction and empower the youth to be engaging and productive members of mainstream wider society- promoting active citizenship and positive participation.


Incorporated within this project are both immediate and longitudinal benefits for all our participants as we cater and facilitate for attainment, enjoyment and achievement through a variety of activities that encourage engagement.


Shadwell Youth Club’s Summer Programme has been designed through the leadership of young people themselves with our youth workers to stimulate interest in innovative activities so as to present a balanced composition of service provisions that accommodates both learning and achievement objectives, with this in mind there will be 4 structured workshops to enhance learning- drug and alcohol addiction deterrence, antisocial behaviour awareness, interview skills and CV writing, interfaith awareness and understanding to compliment social cohesion towards the realisation of One Tower Hamlets objectives. The Summer Programme of Shadwell Youth Club have several significant fun diversionary activities accommodated within the timetable to resonate and maximise participation. Furthermore, as a means to evidence their achievements 2 accredited training sessions in Leadership and Conflict Resolution will be provided to participants that effectively become qualifications for the lasting development of young people.





  • Open to young people aged 13-19 years in Tower Hamlets
  • Summer Programme begins Monday 27th July- Friday 28th August 2015
  • For further details contact the Shadwell Youth Club: 0207 423 9146 /