The Shadwell area of Tower Hamlets had a gap of 8 years with no youth club or facilities for young people, which related to major drug dealing, alcohol misuse and ASB. Since the development of the new community centre and the launch of The Rooted Forum (TRF) at Tarling East Community Centre, TRF has had an overwhelming attendance of all different ages of youth utilising the services since opening.


The Rooted Forum has traditionally worked with hard to reach groups of youth from the community. We have identified certain risk groups which we work with, they are as follows:

  1. Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET)
  2. Risk of offending or reoffending
  3. Engaged in or risk of engaging in Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)
  4. Youth at risk of social exclusion
  5. Risk of truancy
  6. Youth engaging in or risk of engaging with Drugs use


As there is a lack of provisions for these risk categories we tailored our services to directly benefit them. Our primary focus is on the Shadwell Ward in LAP 4 Tower Hamlets, and the primary ethnic group is youth from the Bangladeshi Community followed by youths from the Somali Community.


Our provisions are delivered from the Tarling East Community Centre which is in the heart of the Tarling Estate in Shadwell and the heart of Shadwell itself. The facilities are brand new with access to everyone including those who are disabled or less able.


Shadwell Youth Club offers a wide range of recreational, social and educational activities to young people aged between 13 to 19. There are even provisions young adults up to the age of 25.


Provisions are catered to the needs of the service users by carrying out regular consultation with the young people. Shadwell Youth Club provides a blend of youth activities with accredited learning outcomes. The project also organises social and educational excursions for young people in order to engage them in positive activities that they would not normally have access to.


Young people are given opportunities to become peer mentors. Peer Mentors are supported in the delivery of projects, which enables them to take ownership of the project. This can lead to a volunteering position with The Rooted Forum, giving them valuable work experience and skills.


We also take advantage of the services provided by our in house qualified Advice and Guidance worker; who provides sessions for young people in CV building, job brokerage, employment opportunities and training opportunities.

Who We Work With

The young people participating in the project typically fall into the following criteria:

  • Aged between 13-19
  • Who are part of a Black, Minority or Ethnic group (BME)
  • Who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)
  • Who have no, or low, educational attainments
  • Who are socially excluded and isolated
  • At risk of offending or re-offending
  • Engaged in or are at risk of engaging in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)


Shadwell Youth Club is the focal point of the project and resources are expended in our efforts to occupy the spare time of young people after school, during term time. This is so that young people have an outlet to channel their energy constructively. They are taken away from uncontrolled environments where they are susceptible to becoming engaged in antisocial behaviour. The provision is meticulously planned and the week consists of varied activities aimed at engaging, inspiring and motivating the young people. We take on volunteers giving them practical experience of youth work, thereby improving their prospects of employment in this sector.

Holiday Provisions

The Holiday Provision is an extension to the Youth Club Provision. Young people are given the opportunity to engage in enjoyable, educational and motivational activities during the holiday periods. Again, it is geared towards the constructive use of time and energy. Typically, it will include residential, outings, day trips and community events (Fun Day, Football tournaments, Community BBQ) along with regular youth club activities.


All accredited and personal training are tailored to the needs of the young people. Training and workshops are delivered by both internal staff and external agencies.


During the School Holiday periods, we operate extended hours between 2pm and 5pm every Monday to Friday.

Opening Times

Shadwell Youth Club is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6pm and 9pm throughout the year (excluding public holidays).


During the Holiday periods the Youth Club operates extended opening hours of 2pm to 5pm every Monday to Friday.