Jim Fitzpatrick / MP / Poplar & Limehouse

“I am delighted to endorse the work of The Rooted Forum.


Using the quote from its website, ‘From the roots to the fruits’ is a marvellous way of summing up what the organisation is about. Strong, confident people who want to achieve their potential thrive and develop from a base of encouragement and support – and this is what TRF provides.


I was very happy to be at the launch of TRF’s new base – the Tarling Community Centre – in May 2010. I hold a monthly advice surgery there, and it’s a superb place from which TRF can go from strength to strength.


An organisation ‘rooted’ in and committed to the local people can only bring the most positive and desirable benefits for all of us, and I shall enjoy a continuing association with it in the months and years to come.”

Jonathan D Smith / Treasurer / Gosling Gardens Group

The Rooted Forum works to achieve long-lasting positive change in the lives of people in our community. In the three years that I have partnered with TRF on community projects, I have been consistently impressed with the dedication, professionalism, and effectiveness of their projects. What matters more is the deep commitment that staff members possess to making a difference in the community and their willingness to develop and manage innovative projects to meet the needs of young people.

I first met the Rooted Forum as part of a community project to strengthen relations between neighbours in Shadwell from all backgrounds. As part of our volunteer community work with Gosling Gardens Group, we learned from neighbours that an issue they wanted addressed was anti-social behaviour during the time of late evening prayers during the month of Ramadan. We put together a team of volunteers made up of members of local mosques, churches, housing associations and residents, but our one area of weakness was in youth workers. With only three weeks to go before Ramadan in 2012, we met with the Rooted Forum to ask for their help. They fully supported the project from that moment, helping us to raise funding and mobilising a team of competent youth workers to help us engage well with young people in Shadwell. Their involvement has made it possible for us to run the Ramadan Youth Project that in the past three years has dramatically improved community relations in Shadwell and decreased anti-social behaviour.

The case of our youth project illustrates the strengths of TRF: creative and competent project management, vision and insight about needs in our community and developing projects to meet those needs, ability to partner with segments of our diverse community in Tower Hamlets, and long-term commitment to improving the lives of individuals for the benefit of our local community. I wholeheartedly endorse their work and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Michael Tyrrell/ CEO / THCH

“I have known The Rooted Forum and the work that they are doing in Shadwell for over three years now; mainly through the youth provision they are providing in the area.


The Rooted Forum is not merely a Youth Club in the traditional sense, although certainly this aspect of their work does tackle boredom and importantly the usual resulting anti-social behaviour. The Rooted Forum are more than that because of the work that they are doing in various projects that cover training, education, health and mentoring.


The (TRF) organisation works closely with THCH and there are great links between the two organisations to each others benefit, of which I am very proud. I look forward to many further years of working with The Rooted Forum.”

Brenda Doku / LBTH Children’s Commissioning Officer

“For me coming out meeting, seeing and hearing the achievements of children and young people makes my work worthwhile. Because we could be sitting in mulberry place checking monitoring forms; which to me are very dry; but when I come here (to The Rooted Forum) it’s an added value to what I see in the reports. It embellishes the report and it makes my life so much easier, because I can go back and say that I have seen and I have been and I can vouch for the work that The Rooted Forum is doing.”