My Work Experience at TRF – By Abdul Quayum Khan

  |   Case Studies

When I first came to The Rooted Forum for my work experience, I felt shy because I didn’t know how work would be like. Even though I know the workers there I felt that the first day for me would be strange, but then I knew after a while I will get used to it and engage more with the workers. I was introduced by the manager and was told the health and safety rules at the work place.


The colleagues there are friendly and helpful, when I’m set a task and I’m stuck, I ask my colleagues for help and the workers always help me especially Shelu. I think that I work to the best of my ability on the task that I am set by my fellow colleagues.


I have learnt that work is never easy and that you must have a goal in your work, in what to achieve. From working at The Rooted Forum I have built my speaking skills, I have learnt from my colleagues that the main thing you have to do when you speak you must give eye contact. Also I was told from Shelu to speak in Standard English and show good body language.


By Abdul Quayum Khan