My Work Experience at the Rooted Forum – By Mohim Miah

  |   Case Studies

My two weeks at work experience at the rooted forum was really different than I expected, it was actually much better than I was thinking. The work experience I was given at the rooted forum is really good. I had a lot of work to do during my two weeks, although they were hard and very different than I thought, I was always thinking that the harder you work, the better I’ll be at any job.


All workers and volunteers at the rooted forum were very kind, polite and helpful. Any hard job that I get from anyone, I end up getting a lot of help on what I should do, what I can do and get a lot of understanding on what to do and how the job is like.


Every time when I finish a task that was given, I always ask for more work and get the job done even if it’s hard and last for days.


My first day of work experience was really good; I told about health and safety rules in case of fire to go out through fire exits and took a tour around Tarling East Community Centre. My first job that was given, I had to do some filing, writing down young pupils details on courses and workshops which took place just before work experience and sorting out the rooted forum membership application forms for young pupils alphabetically which took around two days. I also got a job to do CV’s, to change it and to do make it different exactly like the template that was given to me to do. My second week I had to do data entry on Microsoft excel for the rooted forum membership application form.


Every Thursday morning, there’s a project called Bridging the Gap where workers and volunteers help out the elderly generation to use computers. This project gives them an understanding on how to use a computer, understanding the basics of a computer and on what to do and what not to do.


In our last day of work experience, we were all taken out for a munch for all our hard work we did at TRF. I really enjoyed my work experience at the rooted forum it showed me and gave me a huge understanding on how an everyday work is and on what should be done when given. I hope to get another opportunity like this at The Rooted Forum.


By Mohim Miah