Inaugural Award Ceremony received with much appreciation and acclaim

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The Rooted Forum (TRF) successfully marked another year of community outreach and engagement through hosting the inaugural launch of our Annual Awards Ceremony held at the Tarling East Community Centre, Shadwell on Friday 27th of March 2015. The ceremony seeks to acknowledge, celebrate and recognise the achievements of local residents of East London in particular those that have been beneficiaries from service provisions and efforts of The Rooted Forum.


Notable guests throughout the Ceremony whom graced us with their presence included Councillor Mahbub Alam (Executive Advisor on Adult Social Care), Councillor Harun Miah (Shadwell ward), Deputy Mayor Councillor Oliur Rahman (Cabinet Member for Economic Development- Jobs, Skills and Enterprise), Councillor Abjol Miah (St Peter’s ward), Bridgett Bardwell of THCH (HR and Corporate Services Manager), Brenda Doku of Tower Hamlets Council (Commissioning Officer- Children’s Team), representatives of the Princes Trust, Gosling Gardens Group amongst many others.


The Ceremony was received warmly by those in attendance numbering over 200 guests with family members composing of a wide representation of the community including the elderly, youth of varied ages, neighbours, partner organisations, officers, politicians, stakeholders, etc.


The Rooted Forum (TRF) youth workers, female development officers and volunteers whom as a matter of routine selflessly serve the community were present throughout the evening to host and facilitate the Award Ceremony engaging with clients, attendees, neighbours and guests; the work of TRF hasn’t gone unnoticed and is appreciated not just by our many direct beneficiaries on the ground but so too by LBTH Council Officers whom observed and stated amongst other kind-hearted words, “I must commend you for steering such a progressive organisation; in developing the relationship between your management committee, staff, volunteers, service users, parents, neighbours and indeed other local organisations…. The children and young people were resplendent…. and seemed truly proud to be part of The Rooted Forum…. I wish TRF continued success in the work you do for young people” Brenda Doku, Commissioning Officer, Children’s Commissioning Team (Education, Social Care & Wellbeing Directorate) whose attendance, speech to all, awards presentation and subsequent acknowledgement has been truly appreciated.


A variation of attractions and activities were offered to all present such as the showcasing of The Rooted Forum’s history, project areas and profiles, presentation of certificates and duly deserved awards, outline of The Rooted Forum impact assessment to the lives of many including onstage case studies of clients, advice and speeches of local Councillors and distinguished guests and to round off the evening’s proceedings- a complimentary meal with light refreshment.


Nur Choudhury, Senior Manager of The Rooted Forum (TRF) stated upon reflection, “The Rooted Forum since our inception have tried from the outset to serve all segments of society and to address the needs of our neighbours; all our organisational project focus areas whether one looks into Road2Work, Shadwell Youth Club, East Girls Project, Study Support, Health & Wellbeing or Bridging the Gap seeks to encourage and empower the isolated- to breakdown our barriers, to foster harmonious relations and to connect and bring the community closer…. We were very pleased to see that local residents, neighbours, stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries alike received the Ceremony so positively- I would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all whom attended and each TRF client and beneficiary, our hardworking staff and volunteers and only ask for the continual support from all so that The Rooted Forum is able continue to make lasting change and to improve the lives of locals.”