East Girls Project: Summer Programme

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The Rooted Forum (TRF) will be running the East Girls Project’s Summer Programme during July- August 2015; the summer provision are a 6 week recreational and educational programme that has been designed by young people with its core aim to support females and encourage them to be engaging productive community members through means of developing their social, physical and spiritual development whilst motivating their becoming responsible young women as they reach adolescence.


East Girls Project’s Summer Programme provides inclusive provisions and seeks developmental initiative and leadership of participants- the programme has a blend of educational sessions/ workshops, fun excursions and interactive activities spread across the whole summer to engage all young girls including those that are vulnerable/ at risk.


The Summer Programme of East Girls Project is focused upon young people actively and positively participating in their communities through empowerment within various activities such as volunteering, charity work, organising a Community Fun-Day (to seek mutual cooperation and togetherness for all), visiting an elderly care home and patients in hospital and organising a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style dinner for local residents to name but a few elements of our programme. The summer timetable has 6 structured workshops to enhance learning- identity and body imagery perception, managing friendship and healthy relationships, IAG employment sustainability, enhancing communication and sign language, racism and islamophobia awareness, bullying and self-harm as well as several significant fun diversionary activities accommodated within the timetable to resonate and maximise participation.


Furthermore, as a means to evidence their achievements accredited training sessions in Volunteering will be provided to participants that effectively become qualifications for the lasting development of young people.



  • Open to girls aged 13-19 years in Tower Hamlets
  • Summer Programme begins Thursday 23rd July- Friday 28th August 2015
  • For further details contact the East Girls Project: 0207 423 9146 / info@therootedforum.org