BTG Emirates Air Line Excursion

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BTG hopped on to the DLR with a group of young people and elderly people to learn about how the driver less DLR trains work. What’s more, the group travelled out to the Royal Dock where they all experienced travelling across the River Thames using The Emirates Air Line! Emirates Air Line crosses the River Thames between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks, just five minutes from the O2 by North Greenwich Tube station. Cabins arrive every 30 seconds and flights are approximately 10 minutes each way.



Reaching heights of 90 metres, the Emirates Air Line was a perfect way to take in the sights of London on a sunny day and watch the sunset on an evening that looked warm! Cabins hold up to eight people and the experience is suitable for the whole family or a trip out with friends. Our group learnt all about the technology that makes the Cable Cars work as well as to master taking the perfect selfie with their mobile phones whilst up in the sky!