Bridging the Gap Tea Party

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Bridging the Gap, The Rooted Forums intergenerational project based in Shadwell, organised an afternoon summer tea party for local elderly and young people.


An equal number of young and old attend the event to find out from existing members what the project is all about as well as to recognise the achievements of some of our existing members.


Tea, biscuits, cakes and sandwiches were provided and our elderly and young people enjoyed playing table tennis, pool and fuse ball with each other.


Bridging the Gap allows an opportunity for young people and elderly people to meet and learn from each other. Eight existing elderly members received certificates of achievement for leaning about how to:

  • Use a mobile data phone
  • Use email
  • Use a web browser
  • Shop online
  • Use social networking


Through its services, Bridging the Gap aims to eliminate social isolation amongst elderly people and provide them with life skills that will enhance their quality of life. The project also provides an opportunity for young people to learn about history, culture and traditions, gain work experience and a reference as well as an accredited training outcome.


Bridging the Gap is currently looking for elderly people aged 50+ and young people aged 18-25 to take part. For more information please contact Shelu Miah on: 0207 423 9146 or email