Our Vision: Inspire People, Change Communities

Our Mission: To be firmly rooted in the community and inspire change for the betterment of society

Who We Are

The Rooted Forum (TRF) is a community registered charity organisation established in January 2007 that currently operates in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Our services benefit all segments of the community but primarily concentrate on those classified as vulnerable. Our beneficiaries live in poverty, overcrowded homes and in an area of high concentration of crime and low educational attainment.


The Rooted Forum as an organisation can be traced in terms of our origin to being founded as a direct response and initiation of local people themselves to address the immediate regional needs of fellow residents; to this day it is the local populace, stakeholders and service users that continue to steer The Rooted Forum whilst staff and volunteers whom are comprised of locals are present to ensure optimum service delivery to meet the needs and demands of the community.


The Rooted Forum function in a unique position having in-house expertise, infrastructure and being of ideal locality- amongst the very few organisations of our kind holistically addressing needs and necessities within Shadwell ward and the wider borough whom adopt integrated services for vulnerable and excluded members and targeted intervention methods to reduce isolation, promote digital inclusion, address disparity and improve health and wellbeing.


We draw on our past experience of service delivery and continued liaison with the residents and the local community at large to ensure that we are aware of existing needs and contemporary concerns; The Rooted Forum being a grass roots organisation located in Tower Hamlets ensures that we are provided first hand direct feedback from and to locals, held to account by them and are all too aware of community concerns.

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The aims of the organisation are as follows

  • Build a healthy community by promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting people to make healthier life choices
  • Make those who are the furthest away from the labour market motivated, job ready and close to employment
  • Unlock the potential of young people to become the next generation of positive role models, leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Build a united community who pro-actively engage and shape society by narrowing the divide between diverse segments of the community


  • Understanding
  • Respect
  • Dedication
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